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About Us

Meet Dr. Chumley

I’m thrilled to introduce Total Health by MD to you. My primary objective is to help you regain optimal well-being. Throughout my extensive experience in hospitals and clinics, I have observed the most common complaints among my patients. While I have always encouraged lifestyle changes, I recognized the need for additional motivation to facilitate these transformations. After studying the benefits of anti-aging medicine and witnessing remarkable patient outcomes, I began integrating many of these treatment protocols into my treatment plans.

My passion for becoming a physician stems from a deep desire to enhance individuals’ health and well-being. By addressing your total health and improving your quality of life through evidence-based protocols, I aim to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and a sense of fulfillment. Seeing my patients overcome challenges and regain their health and happiness is the ultimate reward reaffirming my purpose as a physician.

Our Mission

No matter the stage of life you are in, it is important to always strive to be your best. Here at Total Health by MD (THBMD), we empower you to start on this lifelong journey to improve your total health. We do this by educating you on why you are experiencing symptoms and what you can do to change your health.

Total health is from the inside out. There is not one magic formula, but intertwining your mental and physical health and optimizing your hormones can change your perspective on life. We believe in quality — quality of life and quality care — and our physician utilizes the most up-to-date and evidence-based medicine to develop an individualized program to optimize your TOTAL health. Join Total Health by MD!

“We design personalized treatment plans and education you on health and hormone optimization.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does hormone subscription work?

After the Total Health by MD consultation, your medical provider will discuss your hormone subscription based on what’s appropriate for you. There are baseline packages included in the monthly subscription. Any additional supplemental suggestions will be in addition.

How do I cancel my subscription?
We are sorry to see you go, if there are any questions, please let us know. Otherwise, you can cancel your subscription by contacting us through email at Our cancellation policy requires a 30-day notification to go into effect. If your monthly payment is due within the 30 days, you are responsible to pay for the last month of service before the cancellation goes into effect. If additional information is needed, please refer to our cancellation policy guidelines.
Do you need to see me in person if I do a Telehealth Visit?
Most appointments can be completed via Telemedicine. In order to get a controlled substance such as Testosterone, we will need to see you in person annually.
How often will I have follow-up visits?
We will do an initial consultation and determine your follow up based on your response to treatment, you can expect follow up at least every 3-6 months.
What do I need for my first appointment?
Please complete the medical intake forms, picture identification, and supporting documents through our HIPPA compliant patient platform.
Is hormone therapy safe?
Yes. Many studies have shown the safety and long-term health benefits of hormone replacement. You will be regularly monitored to ensure you are within these safe ranges.
How long will it take to feel results of hormone therapy?
Hormone optimization is a process. Many patients start to feel effects immediately, but it can take up to 3-6 months for desired optimization.
What does the monthly program include?
The monthly program includes your initial consultation and physical examination with the doctor, all follow up consultations, and your personalized therapeutic program including the basic hormone packages.
Where and how do I get my lab testing done?
We are affiliated with two of the largest lab companies, with lab sites conveniently located all over the country.
Can I use my previous blood tests?
Yes, we can upload these results in our secured HIPPA compliant patient portal.